Killer is a card game, but not strictly so. If you don’t know how to wink, you may not ‌play this game. It requires a minimum of four people to play.

One player will be a killer/thief, while the other will be a cop in a four-person play.

Two cops and two killers can be present in an 8-player fun. Likewise, in a 12-player fun, there would be three killers and three cops, and so on.

Objectives of the Killer Card Game

The basic goal of the play is for the police officer to figure out who the killer or thief is before the cop captures him, and for the killer to do away with all normal civilians or players before the cop catches him.

Killer Card Game Rules

The rules of the killer card play are actually rather uncomplicated. Below are some of therules;

  • At least four players are required by the regulations of the card game.
  • A player or participant must declare the number of cards in his or her hand when requested.
  • The cop must be represented by an ace, killer or thief is represented by a jack.
  • If someone gets chopped, the person who was chopped last owes the individual who chopped them cards in the following turn.
  • Instant victories are not permitted.
  • The individual who receives the cards has the option of returning any card to the player who gave it to them.
  • If the loser still has a 2 in his hand when the play is over, he owes the winner a 2.
  • At the start of the play, three consecutive pairs can be played minus being the lead.
  • The player with the lowest card leads the first play, and the winner leads every hand after that.
  • If a player leaves the play and a new player joins, the game restarts with the player holding the lowest card.
  • The rules also indicate that any killer spotted winking is out of the play.

How to play the Killer Card Game

Let us consider a ten-player game. Separate 10 cards from the bundle of cards. Two of them should be aces and two should be jacks. Any denomination can be used for the remaining six cards.

In our case, these six cards are three each of spades, hearts, and clubs, as well as four each of diamonds, clubs, and heart.

The ace of hearts and the ace of spades are the two Aces, whereas the jack of clubs and the jack of Diamonds are the two Jacks.

The participant who receives the ace will be a cop, while the participant who receives the jack will be a murderer.

When the ten cards are dealt, the two aces, the ace of hearts, and the ace of spades, are the two cops, and the two jacks, the jack of clubs and the jack of diamonds, are the two killers, who play the part of winking.

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The play starts once the ten cards have been divided to ten participants. The players will begin to stare at one another.

The two killers, those with the jacks, will try to wink at each player separately as they glance at them, while the cops, those with the aces, will try to catch the winking killers.

Aside from the two killers and the two officers, there are six more participants in the play.

When a player who is neither a killer nor a cop gets winked at for the first time by one of the killers, he must say “I am dead” and outway the game.

If the cop catches the killer winking while winking, the killer is out of the play too. When the killer is apprehended in a four-player game, the game is done.

If the second murderer is caught winking by an officer before killing all of the civilians or normal players, the play is ended, the police officers win, and some of the civilians are spared.


Overall, the killer card game is a deceptively basic game that promises an endless supply of shocks and suspense.

It is a social fun that can improve trust, friendship, and social interaction when played by family and friends.

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