Speed is a game created for two players or more. It is thoroughly enjoyed by families and friends because of the thrill and adrenaline it gives. It is full of entertainment and players are hardly disappointed.

They always want to play another round, even if they lose. It is a quick and ‘speedy’ game, it keeps both players on the edge at all times.


Players are always racing to get rid of all their cards first, and can often finish a game in a few minutes. Speed and accuracy is the key to winning in this popular game.

The goal is for each player to try to get rid of all of their cards first before the others. With a lot of practice and the right opponent, Speed can be a very nerve-wracking.

This game can also get the adrenaline pumping because it is so exciting. All it takes to play and to win is for there to be one deck of cards, at least two players, and the right knowledge of how the game works.

Set up for the game

Players are dealt and equal number of cars to play with. In order to win they need to stack up their cards in a pile in the centre. To play there has to be one deck of cards, and two cards in the middle of a table facing down.

There also has to be two piles of five cards on either side of those cards. The remaining cards are to be dealt with each of the players, and they should get 20 cards each.

How to play / Gameplay

In order for the game to begin, each player needs to reach out to one of the centre cards on the table and face it right up. Once this is done the players can now start placing their cards.

The cards which are placed on top of the piles should be one higher or one less than the card at the top of the pile.The cards are in the standard order of, Ace, Jack, Queen, and King.

When and if a card has been placed in a pile, the player needs to pick up one of the remaining 15 cards so that they can always have 5 cards at once.

If none of the players can place another card in the centre of the pile, then both players need to pick up a card from the piles placed to the sides.

They then need to place this card on top of the nearest centre pile. If both players are unable to to move, they will be allowed to repeat this process until all the cards are gone.

This game can get very exciting and get the adrenaline pumping due to the speed at which the game moves. If players are experienced, the game can get more challenging and exciting.

The game ends when one player has run out of cards in their hand.

The centre pile is often a mess at this point and players often want to play again. This game is a great way to pass and is very entertaining.

Winning tips or strategies

Strategies in Speed are quite limited due to the fact that players have to attempt to play all the cards that they have in their hands. However, there are a few tricks that can help them slow down opponent.

There are also tricks which can speed the process up of getting rid of cards. For example, in order for the players to win against each other, every player should play the cards from their “Hand” to the “Play Pile”.

If the card that they have is higher or lower by 1 number. A 3 can be played on top of a 2 or 4 and a Jack can be played on a Queen or 10. The value of the Ace’s is 1.

Players can block their opponent from playing if they place their card faster.

They can also attempt to distract an opponent by making conversation or either announcing a move out loud as it is made. You can have up to 5 cards in your hand at all times.

Players can refill the cards in their hand from the “Draw Pile”. The first player to play all of their cards wins!

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