How to play casino online from New Zealand

How difficult can it really be to play casino online? Well, of course, playing is not difficult at all, because then it would not have been the most popular entertainment on the net. The difficult thing is to know how online cainon works when you play with them as a customer. Here we will go through everything you need to know to play casino online like an expert the very first time.

Can I play at online casinos if I live in New Zealand?

Short answer, yes you can play at off-shore casinos from New Zealand. A longer answer is that it is illegal to operate a casino in New Zealand. But it only applies to those who live in New Zealand. In other words, casinos from other countries can offer their games to players and you as a player can 100% legally play with them.

Casino online New Zealand

What are the best casinos to play at?

The very best casinos to play at from New Zealand are those that have been around for a while, that are not blacklisted by major casino guides and that are generally safe and reliable. How do you find these when there are 1000s of casinos online? Yes, we have done this research for you and list below what the very best casino guides say:

Casino NZ top 5 – Best online casinos in New Zealand

1. LeoVegas

LeoVegas seems to be absolutely everyone’s favorite. No matter which host part we look at, we always find LeoVegas at the top. They offer slots, scratch cards, sports betting and live casino.

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2. PlayOJO

PlayOJo is quite similar to the winner in that it is one of the most popular casinos around the world. PlayOJO offers a great gaming environment for slots and live games with cashback and rewards that are free of wagering requirements.

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3. Casumo

Casumo emerged as one of Sweden’s largest casinos. Casumo then expanded internationally and was equally successful in the global market. Today they offer slots, live games but also sports betting. Has been online for many years and has always been a top casino with the biggest casino guides in the world.

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4. Bizzo casino

Bizzo casino is quite new compared to the other winners on this list, but it was created by experts who are behind several other well-known casinos and Bizzo simply became one of the strongest products. Offers slots and live games in a rewarding environment and is overall a very good casino to play at.

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5. Dunder

Dunder also started as only a Swedish casino but was later bought by Casumo! After that, things took off and Dunder gained an even better reputation among players from all over the world. Today, Dunder offers a really good gaming platform for slots and live games.

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How do I create an account?

Creating an account is not rocket science exactly, but what you need to know about online casinos and when creating an account is the following:

  • First, you must meet the requirements to play such as being at least 18 years old and able to prove your identity.
  • Then you must have a valid mobile number that you enter during registration. Not all casinos require it upon registration, but most do to confirm your account before you can start playing.
  • In addition to your personal information, you should also choose which currency you want to play in. At some casinos, however, you can’t do that, the currency is set based on which country you come from, but if the casino offers the option to choose a currency, then make sure to choose right to avoid unnecessary conversion fees.

Otherwise, the registration works as if you enter your email, password and mobile number, then your personal details and in the third step you confirm your account via the verification link that is either sent to your email or phone.

Make your first deposit

When you make your very first deposit, you need to think a little. This is because, by law, casinos can only pay out winnings to you via the payment methods you use to deposit money.

This means, for example, that if you use Paysafecard for deposits, you cannot make a withdrawal to your bank account if you have not made deposits from there.

So choose a payment method you will use for withdrawals as well. Alternatively, make a small deposit from the account you later want to pay out to so that it is also active. Keep in mind, however, that casinos only let us choose from 3 different payment methods.

How and when to use bonuses & free spins

One last thing you need to know when playing casino online is how bonuses and free spins work.

In short, you should skip your casino bonus if you don’t know for sure how to use it.

A longer answer is that you should learn what wagering requirements are and how this works at casinos as all bonuses have it.

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On the bonus page at NewZealandcasinos you will find the best explanation of exactly how bonuses work and when you know that, you can start using casino bonuses online.

If you still choose to play with a bonus right from the start, then at least you should not expect to be able to withdraw the winnings as soon as there is a big win in the game. Instead, the wagering requirement must be met before winnings can be paid out to the player’s account.

Last but not least, we named the heading here as bonuses and free spins, even though free spins are also a bonus, precisely because casinos may have different turnover requirements for cash bonuses than they have for free spins, so always check both carefully.


How to play casino games

Below we collect game rules for the most popular casino games.