Beeramid is an entertaining card game. It is a drinking game, and it requires 1 standard deck of playing cards. An alternative name for this game — Bullshit Pyramid.

For this game you will need people, the more, the merrier, the deck of cards and of course beer.

How To Play

A pyramid needs to be constructed using cards from the deck. The cards need to be placed face down. A big flat and stable surface should be used to lay out the pyramid.

The normal number of cards of used for the base of the pyramid is 7.

Continue building the pyramid until there is one card at the top of the pyramid or Beeramid. Next, evenly distribute all the remaining cards amongst the players.

Players need to look at the cards they receive. The players have ample time to look at the cards and organize them.

Players have to show each other their cards. The players then need to place their cards face down in front of them.

The Rules

The dealer then pulls out the first card from the pyramid base and turns it over, face up.

They reveal the card value and any player who claims to have that same card can give a drink to anyone of the other players.

The person who gets the drink, calls out “bullshit” or drinks.

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The victim will have to drink twice if the first person does indeed have the card. They drink twice if they don’t actually have the card.

The game continues, once the bottom base of the pyramid is completed, the player start on the next row. Each card now has the very same value as the row it’s in.

Every player who has a card on the second row can only have two drinks. Players with cards on the third row give three drinks.

This proceeds until a player reaches the seventh row. The higher up the pyramid the game goes, the more risk involved.

A player who has more than one of a card can give both cards, or they can decide to split the cards.

The player who calls bullshit, only has to show one card. Both cards need to be revealed, if more players call “bullshit”.

Penalty Round

By the time the game reaches the 7th row, a bullshit call is highly likely to see someone drink a lot of beer, a lot. This is the “Penalty Beer”.

Remember bullshit calls are double the total value of the row, meaning the 7th row gives 14 drinks.

Any player calling bullshit on the 7th row and losing will need to drink and finish the entire amount of penalty beer without stopping.

It’s true to say that players will find themselves extremely intoxicated whilst playing Beeramid. Beeramid can also be played with 8 rows instead of 7.

What Makes Beeramid Fun

The game needs 2 or more players, beer and a deck of cards. Beeramid is a fun light-hearted game that keeps people entertained for hours.

The duration of each game is usually 10 minutes, which is very convenient.

The main aim of the game is to make others guess what cards you have and to make them drink if they get it wrong.

To add a twist to the game, players may can be asked to pull out a specific card from their pile. Picking the incorrect card results in a penalty.

The penalty involves the player drinking double the amount he would have dealt.

This is a great challenge for the players. It is a great game for most college students.

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