Screw Your Neighbor

Screw Your Neighbor, which is also known as Ranter-Go-Round, is a legendary card game. It is a strategic game but it also quite easy to comprehend and play.

Three or more players are able to participate. A normal standard playing cards deck is perfect to play Screw Your Neighbour.

The game needs a 52 playing card deck. It is appropriate for ages 6 and up. It’s a fun and light-hearted card game.

The Set Up

In Screw Your Neighbor, the aim of the game is to end with the lowest card value. When playing Screw Your Neighbor Kings used as highs and Aces can be considered as lows.

Players sit in a circle and each player receives three lives. Cards will be shuffled before the game can begin, then each player has to draw a card.

Next, the player with the highest card value becomes the first dealer. At the time there is a tie, players have to pick afresh to break the tie.

How To Play

The dealer should then shuffle the deck and pass one card to each player. They should pass the card face down. This is to stop the other players from seeing your gameplay.

The game starts with who sits on the left of the dealers. The first player picks up and looks at their card and must choose whether to switch or keep it. If the player decides to switch his card he can do so with the person sitting on his left.

Players may not change their minds about a swap once it’s decided. This means that a swap is a permanent move,

The game proceeds in a clockwise direction, and each player gets to choose whether to swap or keep his card.

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However, a player with a king must flip it over immediately. Players may not swap with the player who holds a king. Should this be the case, that players skips a turn.

This means that the player who is positioned on the right-hand side of the person with a king has to keep their card.

Once the game returns to the dealer, the dealer needs to either choose the top card from the remaining deck. Alternatively, they can keep their card.

After the dealer’s turn, the rest of the players turn over their cards. Once the cards turn over, the values of the cards get calculated and the player with the lowest value card loses. The losing player sits out the next round.

After shuffling the cards over, a new dealer starts and the play resumes again. The game will continue in the same manner until one person remains.

At the time of rotation a new round begins. The new dealer starts in a clockwise position

What Will You Need

  • A table or other flat surface
  • Pen and paper; used to keep a track of the scores.
  • A deck of cards. More than one deck can be used.

Ranking of the cards is King (high), Queen, Jack, and so on. The ranking is similar to standard. The major difference being Ace is low and King is high.

To turn Screw Your Neighbor into a betting game is possible. For this to be achieved each player may put say a number of 5, $1 bills.

Player loses, and they have to put in one of their bets. A player loses, they might throw in $1. At the end the player with most bets remaining wins the jackpot.

There is potential for gamblers to win big. This game can also be turned into a drinking game on a fun night with friends. Instead of keeping score, the loser drinks.

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