Ring of fire

This is a fun and easy drinking game, that brings loads of laughs. Rules or symbol for each card must be decided upon before the game begins.

This game is suitable for adults, such as students and at sleepovers.

It uses a deck of playing cards, and can be played at parties. All that is needed is a deck of cards, a beer, a group of people. It is also known as King’s cup or Waterfall.

How To Play

First place a cup in the center of a table or a flat stable surface. Surround the cup entirely with the deck of playing cards. In the game each card has its own meaning.

The meanings are pretty awesome. An Ace means that each player must continue to drink. They drink until the person who picked the Ace stops drinking.


2 is “Choose”, you get to choose who drinks next. The 3 reflects “Me”, it means that you must drink. Card value 4 means that all the girls that are participating must drink.

The 5 is the Thumb Master, with the 5, you put your thumb on the table. The rest of the players must follow your lead. You will remain the Thumb Master until another player picks a five

All guys should drink, that is the meaning of card 6 and 7 is Heaven. Players must point a finger to the sky with the 7, the last player to do so must drink. The number 8 stands for Mate. This gives you an opportunity to choose a drinking partner. This buddy must always drink with you.

Rhyme is the symbol for 9. You pick a word and the next person has to choose a word that rhymes with the one you chose.

The person who fumbles must take a drink. Categories are symbolized by 10. You pick a category such as music, and each player must then say a word that fits with music.

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The one that messes up will have to take a drink. Jack gives a chance to make up a rule. The other players follow that rule, you must also comply with the rule.

The Rules

In Ring of Fire, the rule can be that you are only allowed to use your right hand to hold your cup. Failure to follow the rule means you must drink.

The rule lasts the entire duration of the game.

The Queen is about Questions. Players go around asking each other questions. Any type of question is allowed. If your turn comes, and you don’t ask a question, you drink.

The King means Pour. Players pour a little of their drinks into the cup in the middle of the table. As the game continues the cup fills up and the player that picks up the last king must drink.

The participants can make changes to what each card represents, but these rules must be laid out and established before the game starts.

How To Play

Each player picks a card, they must then do what the card says. Should a player draw a king, they must pour a little of their drink into the cup placed in the center of the playing area.

The card picked might rule that one of the players should take a drink. The game ends when the very last king card is drawn.

The player to pick the last king drinks every last drop of what is in the cup in the middle, That is the King’s Cup.

The game ends when either the mixture in the King’s Cup has been drunk or when the last rule card has been drawn.

Variations of cards

Ring of fire or King’s Cup has many variations. Players can omit or add their own rules.

The cards can be given different meanings depending on the participants, Ace can be Ace for race or ace slap your face.

You draw an ace and pick a player and race against them to see who finishes a full cup of drink first.

The card with 2 means shuffle, each time 2 is drawn players exchange seats, the last one to find a new seat drinks. Card 3 stands for direction shift.

The direction of the game changes instantly when this card is drawn. The games moves from clockwise to anti-clockwise.

Card number 4 is dinosaur, the rule with this card is the one that draws this card gets a chance to draw a dinosaur on another player’s face. Jive is the rule for card value 5. Drawing this cards compels you to drink and dance.

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