Klondike is classified as free solitaire and is by far, the most frequently played in that category. It’s probably the most famous solitaire game across the globe and all you need is a little space and a little time.

Klondike is a 52-card deck game and it requires just one player. No “hide and seek” rules, all rules are open to everyone.

Also, your chances of winning at Klondike are extremely high as it is possible to win almost half of the game.

The game is ideal for children, perhaps, a reason why it requires little strategy or tactics. Spectators alike can also wile up time watching over the player’s shoulder.

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The objective of the game

The goal of Klondike is to build four suits of foundation (spade, diamond, club, and heart) sequentially from the lowest, the Ace, to the highest, the King.

As a player, you don’t start with any card in the foundation suit, rather, you accumulate cards in the course of play.

Tableau dealings

Using a tableau format, the player deals out cards in piles by placing seven cards with their face down to form the seven piles. Dealing out the next six cards forms the second layer of each row, excluding the far left row.

Continue with the next five cards to establish the third layer, the next four cards form the fourth layer, and so on.

Ensure you have made seven piles (or columns) of cards ranging from one card on the extreme left to seven cards on the other right end when counted.

The total dealing cards become 28 on the tableau row. Laying the cards in this sequence helps avoid any problem that may arise from imperfect shuffling.

Turn up the face of the topmost card in each pile. Also, to determine the number of cards left in each column, let a slight part of each card’s top be revealed.

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Besides, if you want to increase the difficulty level of the game, square up each column into piles. Hence, you can keep the remaining cards from your stock or just place them on the tableau.


The building should start with an Ace and must be on the foundation cards. It simply means you must open up the four Aces, place them in the foundation, then start the building.

Begin by building the cards of the tableau in a descending sequence with changing colors. Take, for instance, playing card 4 on either 5 or 5.

Let the card facing down be turned up anytime you move a card from one tableau column to another. Moreover, the same card will be available to play or play upon.

If there is an empty column within the tableau, move any King or a King with other cards above it to occupy the space.

Playing the game

To start playing, turn and play the cards in the stock pile. Thoroughly check the stock three cards at once. Put them in a waste pile as you preserve the order of all cards in the pile.

From the set of three cards, you have access to just the top card.

Using the top card gives you access to the next card below it, and so on. Once you finish checking the stock, assemble it and give it another thorough check.

Ending the game

Transferring the entire cards to the four foundation piles end the game, and you become the winner.

On the other hand, if you go through all the stock and you have no more to play, you have lost in this case.

Winning strategies

Every game has some form of tips that improves a player’s possibilities of winning. For Klondike, here are the winning strategies you need to know.

  • Before making another move, raise the first card off the deck. This increases the primary number of potential moves and provides you the possibility of making a more suitable choice.
  • Whenever possible, try to move a Deuce or an Ace to the foundation. Without further explanation, this rule looks precise and valid.
  • Having an opinion from tons of possible moves can reveal unseen cards. Therefore, choose a column that has a vast figure of hidden cards.
  • Avoid unessential moves. The most useful move you need is one with the potential to make extra moves or reveal hidden cards.
  • If you don’t own a King, don’t empty the tableau pile. A blank pile is futile because there’s nothing you can gain from it. However, only a King or a series that starts by a King can fill the space in Klondike solitaire – let your space be open.
  • Be cautious in your decision-making if you have a preference between a red King and a black King to occupy a space. First, examine the hindering cards’ color and make a proper color option. For instance, say a red Jack blocks some unseen cards, you should choose a red King, then hold on for a black Queen.
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