Give and take

The game is a great drinking game, that offers players a choice of truth, a dare or drinking.

A deck of playing cards are used to play the Give and Take game.

Use a flat stable surface such to lay the cards. Players bring their choice of drink to play.

It is a great game for entertaining dinner or party guests.

College students also enjoy this game during their free hours.

This game is for 3 to 8 players!

How to play

Shuffle the cards in the deck and give out four cards to each player.

The cards should be face up. Next, lay out two rows of six cards per row, these cards should be face down.

Mark one side one row as the take side and one side as the give side.

The rules

The left side is the take or the truth side. The right side is the give or dare side.

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Choosing the drink option your beer could see you drinking for either 2, 4,6 or 8 seconds followed by a last full chug.

The cards in the row determine the drinking time.

The game starts when a card is picked from the truth or take pile, the card is flipped over.

The player that has the same card has the option of answering a question or taking two seconds.

No matching card means that a replacement card is picked from the deck.

A battle of rock, paper, scissors takes place if two people have the same card.

The loser of this battle drinks, the winner has a choice to tell the truth or take a 2 second drink.

The game moves to the dare or give side.

A player that holds the matching card chooses players to drink and then takes a dare from those that he designated drinks to.

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