F the Dealer

Fuck The Dealer is all about having fun and drinking. After all, it’s a drinking game, so don’t sweat the outcome. Players will want to avoid making errors.

What You’ll Need to Get Started

You’ll need a deck of playing cards in order to participate in Fuck The Dealer.

Because the Joker cards are not utilised in the conventional rules, you’ll just need a regular 52-card deck to play the game.

Some individuals, on the other hand, continue to use jokes in order to make things a bit more difficult.

Fuck The Dealer is a fairly adaptable drinking game, and it is advised that you put your own spin on the conventional rules before playing.

In other words, if you wish to retain your Joker cards in your deck, you may do so.

Just make sure everyone is aware that they have been invited.

When playing Fuck The Dealer, any kind of playing card can be utilized.


Preparing beverages for a game of Fuck The Dealer is the first step! Each player and the dealer should have a glass. If you play at home, you should have plenty of booze on hand.

Then shuffle the cards and each player should set a card face down in front of them. A dealer will be chosen at random from among the players who have turned over their cards on the count of three.

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In Fuck The Dealer, the Ace is the highest-ranking card, not the lowest. If two or more players hold the same card, reshuffle the deck and keep picking cards until a dealer is picked.

The dealer should now reshuffle the cards and prepare to play.

Gameplay Rules

It is the dealer’s responsibility to arrange the cards in the middle of the table. In front of each player, the dealer will draw one card from the deck.

A dealer should then interrogate the player on the card. The dealer may ask any general inquiry. Ask the player what suit they believe the card is in.

You can’t ask the player for the card’s rank or suit. The player has a 1–4 probability of correctly guessing the first question. But figuring out the second question will be challenging.

Basically, you must ask reasonable questions, and if the player gets it incorrectly, they have to drink. If they’re right, the dealer has to drink and the player takes over.

Then they ask the player next to them a question, and so on. Don’t worry, dealers won’t be asked to keep drinking after three false replies.

If three erroneous responses are given, the dealer may choose a new dealer. Fuck The Dealer doesn’t have a set end time, but many people leave after 30–45 minutes because they get drunk quickly.

Custom rules

Fuck The Dealer is an extremely flexible game that may be tailored to your needs. It’s like making Monopoly home rules.

To speed things up, certain regulations require the dealer to change after one question.

You may also set up unique rules for the dealer to ask questions. When players are given two chances to answer correctly, they must drink two drinks instead of one if they don’t do it right both times.

Other rules contribute to the party aspect. For example, once each suit has been dealt, everyone should celebrate with a drink. If you’re playing with a big group, you can get creative with the rules.

Fuck The Dealer may be played by two individuals. It’s a fun two-player card game! Most drinking games are better played in bigger groups.

So, before anybody drinks too much, make sure you spell out the rules.


Fuck The Dealer is a great way to relax after a long day! The rules are basic, but you could add your own unique twists to the action.

It’s great for two individuals, but best in larger groups. Then give Fuck The Dealer a shot.

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